Training offer: Cultural Diversity

An increasing number of professionals (and volunteers) are looking for concrete ways to (continue to) do their work correctly in a culturally diverse society. Peervis can make a difference for your institution, foundation, company or team. We provide inspiring workshops, training sessions and lectures:

  • Mediation and Cultural Diversity (Neighbours and Cultures)
  • Maternity care / Child care and Cultural diversity
  • Migrants and Education
  • Working with refugees
  • Culture and disease perception
  • Medical professionals and Cultural Diversity
  • Welcome to the Netherlands (for newcomers, also possible in the Arabic language)
  • Training for the Civic Integration Trainer
  • Training for the Cultural Diversity trainer
  • Culture and employment
  • Educational support for newcomers
  • Coordination and support for refugee volunteers
  • Cultural Diversity and language teaching for non-native speakers
  • Professionals and Honour Related Violence
  • Polarisation in the classroom (or at work)
  • Radicalisation and extremism in schools
  • The colourful classroom
  • Coaching and Cultural Diversity
  • Dealing with street culture behaviour
  • Islam for beginners
  • Basic Intercultural Communication for professionals
  • Intercultural interrogation techniques
  • Criminal investigation tasks and Cultural Diversity
  • Insurance, Personal Injury and Cultural Diversity


The workshops and training courses are concrete, up to date and focused on your daily life. As a participant, you will gain insight into how cultures can differ from each other and how you notice this in daily life. You will receive concrete tips for dealing with cultural differences and learn methods that suit you and are effective. This is done with a great deal of attention to the participants and with humour.


For all products, the content, the (entry) level, the target group, the length, the study load and the objectives are determined in consultation with the commissioning party. We adapt to the needs of the participants.

Study points

For participation in Peervis training courses, participants can, if they wish, obtain credits from recognised professional associations. Please contact Peervis to discuss your enquiry. You will receive a customised, non-binding programme proposal. Send an e-mail for more information to or call +31(0)6-16 848 428.